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What's The Progress Mobile App

What's The Progress Screenshot

What's the Progress is a mobile app to help user's communicate and get updates on remote home improvement projects.


Jennifer Hughes


2 Weeks


User Interviews, Concept Mapping, Information Architecture, Task Flows, Page Flows, Sketching, Paper Prototyping, User Testing, Presenting, Visual Design.


Pen and Paper, POP Prototyping, Sketch

The Brief

To design a rough interactive paper prototype that addresses a key common problem in your allocated participant’s life. The second phase of the project was to apply visual design to the paper prototype created.

The Hypothesis

I believe that the What’s The Progress? app will allow the home owner to get key updates on the progress of the work from a remote location which will allow her to rent out the house quicker.

What's The Progress Storyboard

My Process

User Research

A combination of user interviews, and concept mapping with the participant revealed that they were having significant problems letting out a house they own in another city far from where they are currently living and working. Because they are a very busy person, trying the keep on top of what was going on was difficult.

Key Requirements for a Successful Update:

  • - To be able to see progress
  • - To know what the issues are
  • - To be able to track expense receipts
"Because of the building work I can’t let it out to anyone"
"I’d have to drive up at the end of the each week to see their work to find out they hadn’t finished it properly"

Developing the Idea

A combination of further interviews and participatory sketching and user flows took me through many iterations from the initial idea of a daily update app to a series of screen sketches ready for paper prototyping.

“I really need a list of tasks”
“I’d like to see the project budget on here”
First Sketched Idea

Paper Prototype

The paper prototype was tested initially with the participant and then digitised using POP prototyping for testing again with a wider user base.

Paper Prototype Sketches
POP Prototpye

User Testing

The paper prototype was tested and the feedback was:

  • - Reduce the number of separate pages and edit in-situ
  • - The layout made some items appear more important than they really were to the user
  • - User’s were clicking on the whole task name to view more information
Testing the POP Prototype

Wireframing and Applying Visual Design

The second phase of this project was to apply the visual design to the app.

The brand and tone of the app was decided and tested with users and a colour palette, typography and styles decided.

Digital wireframes were created and colours and typography applied. Each round of visual design was tested with users and amendements made based on the feedback.

Visual Design applied to wireframes

Current Visual Design

Screenshots of Design